Digital Power is Calling

Explore Digital Power Control with our complete out of the box solution

The XMC Digital Power Explorer Kit has been aimed at analog power supply designers and embedded software programmers who want to accelerate their learning in digital power control. The kit was developed in collaboration between Infineon, Biricha Digital and Würth Elektronik.

The XMC Digital Power Explorer Kit offers two different Control Card options:

  1. XMC1300 - ARM® Cortex®-M0 MCU
  2. XMC4200 - ARM® Cortex® - M4F MCU

Key Features

  • Synchronous buck converter
  • High resolution PWM (150 ps) and smart analog comparators on XMC4200
  • On board resistive load
  • PMBus™ communication option

Key Benefits

  • Easy entry into digital power control
  • Voltage mode control and peak current mode control (with slope compensation) available
  • Full software support

Why Digital Power

  • Ability to combine multiple control loops or functions into one device
  • One device for multiple/variable outputs
  • Less carbon emissions, less nuclear and fossil energy use thanks to higher achievable efficiencies

Product Presentation of the new XMC Digital Power Explorer Kit

Würth Elektronik eiSos CTO Alexander Gerfer and Ivan Dobes (Infineon) talking about Digital Power