Offers fast and easy access to your components

The Alpha-Rack system offers a huge variety of electronic components. It is based on individual modules that can be assembled into different configurations that meet your requirements. Choose from our predesigned combinations of modules or create your own individual customized rack.

Alpha-Rack – the flexible rack system with lifelong free refill

Your Benefits

  • Lifelong free refill
  • Fast & easy access to components
  • East to expand, combine and adapt to your requirements
  • Technical data at a glance


The flexible rack system for EMI solutions and smart prototyping

Alpha-Rack is a storage and organization system for electronic components, design kits and documents.

The Alpha-Rack system is modularly expandable, can be set up freestanding, is configurable as a mobile tower and optionally offers a wall bracket for space-saving storage. Here you will find a selection of predefined Alpha-Racks.

Empty module

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

Module 6

Module 7

Module 8

Module 9

Module 10

Module 11

Module 12

Module 13

Module 14

Module 15

Module Content Order code
Module 1 EMC: Snap Ferrites 742707001
Module 2 EMC: Ferrites 742707002
Module 3 EMC: Common Mode Chokes 742707003
Module 4 EMC: Ferrites / Varistors / Shielding 742707004
Module 5 Power Elements / REDCUBE / Assembly / Switches 742707005
Module 6 WE-MLCC - Multilayer chip capacitors 742707006
Module 7 THT- / SMT-Capacitors 742707007
Module 8 THT Power Inductors WE-TI / WE-TIS 742707008
Module 9 SMD Power Inductors WE-TPC / WE-SPC 742707009
Module 10 SMD Power Inductors WE-MAPI / WE-LQS / WE-PMI 742707010
Module 11 SMD High Current Inductors WE-HCC / WE-HCM / WE-HCF 742707011
Module 12 SMD High Current Inductors WE-HCI 742707012
Module 13 SMD Power Inductors WE-LHMI / WE-PD 742707103
Module 14 Automotive Standard Products 742707014
Module 15 EMC: Line Filters 742707015
Empty module Module for individual composition 742707310

Alpha-Rack rotating towers

Our compact free-standing towers offer plenty of space for electronic components. Both design kits and loose components can be perfectly integrated. Each tower can be equipped individually and can be extended with up to three levels. The tower is mobile and can be easily moved.

Rotating tower Modules Order code
(without modules)
Rotating tower 1 4 modules 742707304
Rotating tower 2 8 modules 742707304 + 742707305
Rotating tower 3 12 modules 742707304 + 2x 742707305


The Alpha-Rack modules can be individually supplemented by further accessories and extensions. Two modules can be easily attached to a wall bracket. With the pedestal set, the tower can be fixed to a table or the floor. The box assortment set offers space for loose components in the Alpha-Rack.

Accessoires Order code
Wall bracket 742707303
Pedestals set 742707306
Box assortment 742707405

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