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MID-FBRTI Full-Bridge Transformers for Texas Instruments


MID-FLY Flyback Transformers

MID-FLYADI Flyback Transformers for Analog Devices

MID-FLYLT Flyback Transformers for Linear Technology

MID-FLYMAX Flyback Transformers for Maxim Integrated

MID-FLYSTM Flyback Transformers for STMicroelectronics

MID-FLYTI Flyback Transformers for Texas Instruments

MID-FWDTI Offline Forward Transformers for Texas Instruments


MID-GDT Gate Drive Transformers

MID-HB Half-Bridge Transformers

MID-IBMAX Isolated Buck Transformers for Maxim Integrated Iso-Buck Chipsets

MID-IBTI Isolated Buck Transformers for Texas Instruments Fly-Buck™ Chipsets

MID-LLCEPC EPC-Style Offline LLC Transformers

MID-OLEE EE-Style Offline Flyback Transformers

MID-OLEFD EFD-Style Offline Flyback Transformers

MID-OLEPW EPW-Style Offline Flyback Transformers

MID-OLIFX Offline Flyback Transformers for Infineon Technologies

MID-OLLT Offline Flyback Transformers for Linear Technology

MID-OLMAX Offline Flyback Transformers for Maxim Integrated

MID-OLNXP Offline Flyback Transformers for NXP Semiconductors

MID-OLON Offline Flyback Transformers for ON Semiconductor

MID-OLPI Offline Flyback Transformers for Power Integrations

MID-OLRM RM-Style Offline Flyback Transformers

MID-OLSLIM Slim Offline Flyback Transformers


MID-OLSTM Offline Flyback Transformers for STMicroelectronics

MID-OLTI Offline Flyback Transformers for Texas Instruments


MID-PLC Narrowband PLC Coupling Transformer

MID-PLN Planar Transformers - 150W and 250W

MID-PMA Pulse Transformers for Metering Applications


MID-POE Power Over Ethernet Transformers

MID-POELT Power Over Ethernet Transformers for Linear Technology

MID-POETI Power Over Ethernet Transformers for Texas Instruments

MID-PPLT Push-Pull Transformers for Linear Technology

MID-PPMAX Push-Pull Transformers for Maxim Integrated

MID-PPTI Push-Pull Transformers for Texas Instruments

MID-UDS Ultrasonic Distance Sensor Transformers

WE-KI SMT Wire Wound Ceramic Inductor


WE-TCI Thinfilm Chip Inductor


WE-TI Radial Leaded Wire Wound Inductor

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