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Number of downloads: 680

Download_PowerMagnetic_LTSpice (rev19a).zip (Rev. 19a)

Download_Optoelectronic_LTSpice (rev18a).zip (Rev. 18a)

Download_Capacitors_LTSPICE (rev18a).zip (Rev. 18a)

Download_EMC-Components_LTspice (rev18b).zip (Rev. 18b)

Download_PowerMagnetic_LTSpice (rev19a).zip (Rev. 19a)

MID-FLY Flyback Transformers

MID-FLYADI Flyback Transformers for Analog Devices

MID-FLYIFX Flyback Transformers for Infineon Technologies (Rev. 1)


MID-FLYLT Flyback Transformers for Linear Technology

MID-FLYMAX Flyback Transformers for Maxim Integrated

MID-FLYSTM Flyback Transformers for STMicroelectronics

MID-FLYTI Flyback Transformers for Texas Instruments

MID-IBMAX Isolated Buck Transformers for Maxim Integrated Iso-Buck Chipsets

MID-IBTEL Isolated Buck Transformers for Telecom Applications

MID-IBTI Isolated Buck Transformers for Texas Instruments Fly-Buck™ Chipsets

MID-OLDIA Offline Flyback Transformers for Dialog Semiconductor

MID-OLEE EE-Style Offline Flyback Transformers

MID-OLEFD EFD-Style Offline Flyback Transformers

MID-OLEPW EPW-Style Offline Flyback Transformers

MID-OLIFX Offline Flyback Transformers for Infineon Technologies

MID-OLLT Offline Flyback Transformers for Linear Technology

MID-OLMAX Offline Flyback Transformers for Maxim Integrated

MID-OLNXP Offline Flyback Transformers for NXP Semiconductors

MID-OLON Offline Flyback Transformers for ON Semiconductor

MID-OLPI Offline Flyback Transformers for Power Integrations

MID-OLRM RM-Style Offline Flyback Transformers

MID-OLSLIM Slim Offline Flyback Transformers (Rev. 1)


MID-OLSTM Offline Flyback Transformers for STMicroelectronics

MID-OLTI Offline Flyback Transformers for Texas Instruments

MID-POE Power Over Ethernet Transformers

MID-POELT Power Over Ethernet Transformers for Linear Technology

MID-POETI Power Over Ethernet Transformers for Texas Instruments

MID-PPTI Push-Pull Transformers for Texas Instruments

WE-ASI SMD Wire Wound Inductor (Rev. 18b)

74458303, 74458304, 74458306, 74458308, 744775318, 744775330, 744775347, 744775360, 744775380, 744776333, 744776347, 744776360, 744776381

WE-CBA SMT EMI Suppression Ferrite Bead (Rev. 18b)

782422101, 782422102, 782422221, 782422331, 782422511, 782422601, 782423100, 782423700, 782631101, 782631182, 782631222, 782631331, 782632102, 782632121, 782632181, 782632511, 782632620, 782633601, 782633620, 782762301, 782763102, 782763621, 782763820, 782851102, 782851202, 782851212, 782853112, 782853121, 782853152, 782853200, 782853221, 782853270, 782853561, 782853680, 782853910, 782963560, 782963820

WE-FB 3751 Flyback Transformer for LT3751

WE-FB Flyback Transformer suitable for LT3573/ LT3574/ LT3575/ LT3748

WE-PoE Power over Ethernet Transformer

WE-PoE+ Power over Ethernet Plus Transformer