The Protection of USB 2.0 Applications


The USB-Interface might be the most distributed PC interface in the world. The usage in industry-applications is more and more common. Let’s have a closer look to the special environmental conditions of industry applications. That there are real concerns regarding the robustness against EMI and ESD is written in Intel’s “High Speed USB Platform Design Guidelines”. Intel recommends the usage of a common mode choke for EMI suppressions and another component for protection against ESD pulses.

Würth Elektronik offers all these types of products.

  • The WE-CNSW common mode choke was developed for EMI suppression on high speed signal lines
  • For ESD suppression the TVS diode arrays WE-TVS with very low capacitances (<2pF) or the ESD Suppressors WE-VE (capacitances down to 0.05pF) are your preferred choice.

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