Going Wireless with Magnetic Shielding


Magnetic Field Interferences are increasing in electronic devices due to a number of factors including reduced separation distances of PCB’s, Integrated Circuits and many other sensitive components. In addition to this the extended use of magnetically coupled communication technologies (Qi-WPC, NFC, RFID, PMA, A4WP, WCT…) leads to more complex layout and proximity considerations.

With Ferrite materials it is possible to manage and predict magnetic flux flow and thereby improve efficiency of power transfers, increase distances of near field communications and of course avoid additional unwanted coupling effects which could lead to losses or noise.


After an explanation of the mechanism and the measurements associated with inductively coupled products we can demonstrate that improvements can be made due to the behavior of our ferrite materials (especially ferrite sheets). Thanks to their ability to control the magnetic flux, they can provide excellent shielding performance in critical applications such as power transfer and near field communication.

Choosing the correct materials according to the frequency, understanding the need for maximum μ’and minimum μ”coupled with correct placement in the application will lead to a high level of transfer efficiency. At the same time undesired interferences, emissions and heating of the device will be minimized with reduced stray fields. Thanks to their high performance and their low thickness Würth Elektronik eiSos WE-FSFS flexible sintered ferrite sheets are an indispensable partner for these technologies, which are on their way to achieve higher efficiency and higher integration level into all electronics.

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