Accurate Inductor Loss Determination using REDEXPERT


In a Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) the majority of any power losses that occur are in the form of switching and magnetic losses. Magnetic loss occurs from the core and the windings in the storage/coupled Inductor. Determination of inductor power loss accurately has become more important to design reliable and efficient systems, especially in the era of green technology. Estimation of core losses in SMPS can require complex measurement set-ups, yet cannot be guaranteed whether the estimation is relevant to the particular application.

Historically, core losses are calculated using Steinmetz equation and recently with the extension of Steinmetz equations. These equations can estimate losses reliably only for certain conditions or materials. Hence, Würth Elektronik eiSos have developed a state of the art new model to determine core losses effectively and accurately. This model has now implemented in our new design tool REDEXPERT.


The Würth Elektronik’s AC loss model is accurate and practical model for determining AC losses. The model has been experimentally verified over wide range of frequency, ripple currents and duty cycles and proved to be robust. Due to the fact that this AC loss model is implemented in REDEXPERT, the user does not have to request core loss charts. Overall, REDEXPERT is power online calculation tool saves the engineer’s time in determining the losses and selecting the right component.

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