The world's first peak current load SMD ferrite


A Chip Bead Ferrite has inductance that is established using a screen printing process. This is optimised for as high as possible losses for use as filter. Therefore, it consists of a nickel-zinc-ferrite mixture and a very fine superimposed inner silver layer with thickness of a few micrometres. This structure makes the classic SMD ferrite more vulnerable for current spikes above the maximum rated current load and in special cases results in degenerative or also immediate destruction of the component.


The WE-MPSB Series has been developed based on the requirements of circuits that load the multilayer ferrites with temporary peak currents exceeding the rated current. The maximum pulse load capabilities of the multilayer ferrites have been determined by measurement using an in-house test routine that is different from that of the fuses. In comparison with existing multilayer structures, the layer structure has been optimised to generate higher current load capability using lower resistances. The WE-MPSB Series is thus ideally suitable for use in circuits with pulse currents.

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