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Würth Elektronik publishes its Electronic Components 2020/2021 catalog

With “Electronic Components 2020/2021” Würth Elektronik publishes an updated supplement to its general catalog. Besides a series of innovative new products, there is background and basic knowledge about EMC for high-frequency applications, gate driver circuits, single pair Ethernet, laser and infrared LEDs, as well as additional information. Practical application examples support the use of the components.

Components for gate driver circuits are another important topic in the new catalog. With the WE-AGDT transformer series and the associated reference design, Würth Elektronik offers a bipolar and galvanically isolated high-performance power supply customized for SiC MOSFETs. The new arrivals in the WE-CST current sense transformers product family are also included in this reference design. Relevant online information is found under

The additions to the signal transformer (WE-STST), LAN transformer (WE-LAN AQ) and filtered RJ45 jacks (WE-RJ45) product groups are interesting for developers of signal transmission and communication solutions. New high-frequency shielding cabinets for high frequency applications address the complex EMC challenges in this area. New quartz crystals and oscillators (WE-XTAL & SPXO) make up another part of the catalog. The opto-coupler series has also been expanded. The Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (WL-VCSL) is celebrating its debut; with this product release, the manufacturer Würth Elektronik expands its range of products to a new market segment.

Growth in the high current range

Many product groups have been extended by new designs: such as the WE-HCF, WE-HCFT and WE-HCM series of high current inductors as well as the WE-PD series of SMT storage chokes. There is growth in the wireless power domain with transmitter coils, especially the high-power transmitter coils, as well as in coils that support NFC communication, in addition to inductive charging processes.

The "Electronic Components 2020/2021" catalog is available for download at Links and QR codes in the pdf or print version ( lead to further online information, such as webinars or simulations in the REDEXPERT simulation software.

All products in the catalog are available from stock without a minimum order quantity; free samples are available.