Featuring New Bobbin and Toroidal Packages

Würth Elektronik Releases 2020 Custom Capabilities Catalog

Released to the public in January 2020, Würth Elektronik is proud to announce the publication of the newest Capabilities Catalog. This comprehensive catalog includes capabilities for the design of custom transformers, one of the focuses of the company.

This catalog offers customers over 110 packages as the foundation for a custom design. Five new extended rail PQ bobbin packages are featured this year. This catalog also includes two new unique, patented toroid headers, TOR-10P-HT2 and TOR-10P-HT3.6. In addition to the existing technical content, the newest Custom Capabilities Catalog also includes a section that provides a comprehensive breakdown of design considerations.

Download the digital copy and find more information at www.we-online.com.

Download press release and pictures here: www.htcm.de/kk/wuerth