Factors to Consider when Using Power Elements Products

Some important factors to consider when designing a power-to-board solution with our Power Elements products include the derating behaviors, manufacturing guidelines, and necessary tools.

Derating Power Elements

The current capability of a Wurth Electronics Midcom Power Element, or an individual pin of the component, is influenced by several different factors.

The most important factor is the ambient air temperature of the surrounding environment of the components. Shown in this image are the typical derating behaviors of the Power Elements with full and circumference pin-plates.

Other factors that have to be taken into consideration when designing a power-to-board solution with Power Elements are the elements’ position (whether at the corner of the board or in the center), what other components are mounted around the elements, and specific issues occurring in the application.

Manufacturing Guidelines

In addition to the derating behaviors, you should take into consideration these guidelines to optimize the design of your printed circuit board with Power Elements.

This image shows the recommended construction of a THT land pattern for a pin of Power Elements with press-fit technology. The recommended thickness of the PCB is between 1.6 and 3.2 mm.

Necessary Tools

The needed tools for an optimal press process are a base template, press stamp, and press machine.

The base template gives the PCB a plane base and has pre-milled holes for the pins of the Power Elements to protrude through. The base can be made out of several different kinds of materials, such as hard wood, plastics, and metal.

A press stamp is a plain rest of the press machine on top of the Power Element to ensure that the press force is distributed equally on the component. Possible materials for the stamp include iron, brass, and other metals.

Finally, the Power Elements can be inserted with nearly any available press type: fully automatic, pneumatic, or manual. All that matters is that the press-in force is set correctly.

Summary of Power Elements

The Power Elements products available from Wurth Electronics Midcom offer an absolutely rugged and clean solution in any place high power needs to be brought to a printed circuit board. The press-fit technology provides a connection resistant to outside influences, like vibrations and shocks.

All Power Elements are available as standard products, which means availability from stock, an easy sourcing process, and cost-effective calculations. In addition, all products are fully compliant to RoHS.

To learn more about Power Elements with press-fit technology, check out the WP-FLEP series of Power Elements available from Wurth Electronics Midcom. To watch the entire training video, visit our company page on DigiKey.com