5 Different Configuration Types of Power Elements Products

Wurth Electronics Midcom offers five different configuration types of products within the Power Elements family. This post will cover each one.

Bush Terminals with Two-Row Pin Plate

Shown in this image are the bush terminals with a two-row pin plate in a wide range of sizes. These bush terminals are available from 6 to 12 pins with threads/screws in the European sizes of M3 to M10.

Bush Terminals with Pin Plate Circumference

The second bush terminal configuration is available with a circumference pin plating for higher current capabilities and a more rugged connection to the PCB. These bush terminals, available from 8 to 20 pins, are available with threads/screws from M2.5 to M10.

Bush and Shank Terminals with Full Pin Plate

The bush and shank terminals with full pin plating have no hole through the Power Element, which means the cable needs to be mounted to the top of the element by a screw (adjusted to the size of the hole) or by a nut on the shank. These elements are available from 9 to 30 pins, with bush/shank configuration from M3 to M10.

Power Element 90° Offset with Two Row Pin Plate

Besides the top-entry Power Elements, Wurth Electronics Midcom now offers two configurations of the elements with a 90° offset for side entry of a screw or shank. The series shown in this image is equipped with a two-row pin plating. The available pin configurations are 6 to 12, with pins/threads sized from M3 to M10.

Power Element 90° Offset with Full Pin Plate

The Power Elements with 90° offset are also available with a full pin plate in the same thread sizes as the other two-row pin plate elements. The available configurations are 9 to 36 individual pins.

To learn more about Power Elements with press-fit technology, check out the WP-FLEP series of Power Elements available from Wurth Electronics Midcom. To watch the entire training video, visit our company page on DigiKey.com