Advantages of Power Elements Products

With a high current capability and extremely low contact resistance (plus a lower price), the Power Elements products from Wurth Electronics Midcom prove to be a better solution than high-power terminal blocks.

Typical Products for High-Power Applications

Besides the Power Elements from Wurth Electronics Midcom, the industry also offers high-power terminal blocks, which can be used for applications up to 110A. But in most cases, the terminal blocks have clear drawbacks in comparison:

  • No mechanical stability from shock and vibration
  • Must be soldered to a PCB
  • More expensive than Power Elements
  • Little flexibility in sizes

Advantages of Power Elements

The main advantages of our Power Elements are their high current capability (up to 10A per individual press-fit connection/pin) and extremely low contact resistance (100-200 µΩ of the entire press-fit zone).

Thanks to their press-fit technology and special design, these products also offer a safe and absolutely rugged wire-to-board connection with no thermal load. If you can’t use press-fit technology in your application, you can also solder the Power Elements to the PCB.

Plus, due to the wide range of standard products available in different configurations, the Wurth Electronics Midcom Power Elements offer a cost-effective and easy-to-source solution to the market--no matter what stage of a project you find yourself in.

To learn more about Power Elements with press-fit technology, check out the WP-FLEP series of Power Elements available from Wurth Electronics Midcom. To watch the entire training video, visit our company page on