How Electronics Distribution has Changed in the Past Ten Years

Ecommerce is the dominating factor in the distribution area. 10 years ago, the focus was on having a large product catalogue that displayed every product. Now, the focus is more on having a website or a web shop. Learn how Wurth Electronics and our partners are adapting to this change.

Most companies (or at least all of our distribution partners) still have all generations of engineers in mind when they are thinking of their product catalogue. So they are still printing paper versions and offering a pdf version of their catalog for customers.

They also allow ordering via email and phone.

So the shift has basically been to ecommerce, but all ways are still possible. We know that some customers still like to order via mail, for example.

So I think it’s a change for distributors to be open to so many types of channels. And of course, it goes beyond just offering a simple product. Since all of our lives are getting more convenient, we also want shopping for and buying components to be convenient.

We at Wurth Electronics Midcom have thought about how we can put the customer in the focus and how we can give customers real solutions -- not just a product.

Therefore, associated selling is becoming really important. For example, a engineer who is perusing the power IC should have the option to click on and explore more derived components around this IC already suggested on the same page.

So basically, the customer can go ahead and choose their chip, and then see which magnetics they need on the same page, without going through the whole data sheet. We’re trying to use customer data to provide a personal experience to our customers.

To learn more about Wurth Electronics Midcom's distribution partners, visit our distribution partners page.

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