Providing 3-D, Eagle, and LTspice files

There are three types of files that customers can receive from Wurth Electronics Midcom, 3-D, Eagle, and LTspice files. In this article, Lars Fahrbach explains more about these files and how they are used in the electronics industry.

What 3-D files are and what they are used for

It's all about giving our customers more than just a plain product. If you are a design engineer working for small to medium sized companies that can’t have a person for every task, you get your design, your fun work, it’s not always about the unpleasant work like documentation, drawing files and simulation.

We are basically the only manufacturer that gives out a 3-D file for every product in our product catalog. We have the 3-D file in three different formats, which are the three most common formats in the market.

Customers can download these files directly from our website or when they buy the component. They can implement the files directly in their program, thus saving them time by not having to draw up the 3-D model for every component.

We have these files available for all of our catalogue components, or every product that we stock.

How Wurth Electronics Midcom uses Eagle files

Eagle files are just for the layout growing of the PCB board. This is for everyone who has products placed on a PCB board and needs to make a CAD drawing to sent to their PCB manufacturer. This process is something engineers need to do.

We have strong corporations with Eagle and Altium, two of the main CAD software companies in the market. Eagle is likely the most common because it is free of charge for many basic programs. There’s a small charge for a license for more professional programs.

These programs are used by universities or customers, of all scales. We do this for our main partner, Eagle, so they can offer all of the CAD layouts for our products on demand. So basically, if a customer wants to make a CAD drawing, they just need to download our full library from our website, or from our Digikey landing page. It has every Wurth Electronics product available in the library. It’s also downloadable directly from the Eagle website, so Eagle has their network where customers or manufacturers can offer their own libraries for download.

Every product we release already has the Eagle drawings. So, since it takes a lot of time to draw up an Eagle file, instead of starting from scratch on your own Eagle, you can take over our Eagle files early in the design stage and avoid a lot of the work.

Using LTspice for Simulation

LTspice is the third format. We talked about the basic layout of the PCB and the 3-D model of the PCB. Of course, now we must look at it from the electronic standpoint. If you do your design, you have to simulate your application as well. There are several different programs for simulating in the market.

One of the most popular and easiest ones is Linear Technology’s Spice program, or LTspice, which is free of charge. Wurth Electronics Midcom has been supporting this software tool from the early stages. So you can see that all of our products are included in the LTspice libraries, especially components like inductors, ferrites, and transformers.

All of our products that can be simulated are included in this library and are available to download. We even know have an LTspice application handbook, so we went from a digital library to an analog design handbook to support engineers in using the software program. We have a lot of experience in this area, a lot of our engineers use it and we also have a ghost rider who is quite familiar with our product, that basically wrote this handbook about the Linear Technology Spice program.

How Wurth Electronics Midcom Helps Customers with 3-D, Eagle, and LTspice files

If a customer calls in and needs one of these programs, we can quickly send them to the program directly on a page of our website.

Or customers can go directly to the toolbox on our website. We call it the toolbox for design engineers. It is available at: Everything can then be downloaded within a few seconds.

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