Re-Reeling: 10 Components On One roll? We Do It!

The SMT pick-and-place machine requires the components on a belt or roll, whether it is a mass production run or just a few prototypes. Costs are saved if the individual components for the automatic production of assemblies - in small and very small batches - are kept in the required number with minimal over supply.

However, a belt section with a small number of components also means an inconvenient manual effort. In order for it to be set up on a reel on the machine, one must splice on a leader and a follower.

Re-reeling service

"more than you expect!" is not just a marketing claim, it really is our essence. After all, our customers not only find innovative products in top quality at Würth Elektronik, but also services that go beyond what is customary in the industry. Because we focus on the needs of developers, we always supply components without minimum order quantities. And to ensure that handling small component quantities does not create additional work in production, we offer a re-reeling service. This service is available for the majority of our products, starting at a quantity of 10 pieces! This means: Customers can order individual component quantities in belt gates on a roll with at least 40 cm lead and lag. This means that it is no longer a problem to process the components immediately with an SMT placement machine, even if the batch sizes are really very small.

If you are interested in how exactly the splicing of the leading and trailing edges works at our company, you are welcome to watch a short video that we have made of the process.

Würth Elektronik's added values: re-reeling service