Tactile Switches – A Touch to Start the World

Whether you realize it or not, switches are an important mechanical part of most electronic applications. There are power and signal switches, both with many different styles, to open and close a circuit.

Switches can be as obvious as an on/off rocker switch to manage power to a product, or a reset tactile (tact) switch hidden inside the unit.

Types of switches include:

1. Press - Tactile, Push button, Detector

2. Snap - Micro

3. Slide - Dip, Slide

4. Rotational - Rotary, Encoder

5. Toggle - Rocker

6. Custom illuminated

Let’s Highlight the Tactile Switch

Tactile Switches are signal switches that require a touch to open or close. Tact switches work when contact is made with the dome structure of the switch. This creates a contact to complete a circuit and the signal to complete the specified function. In order to achieve high quality, tact switches need to withstand a variety of uses and cycles. Tact switches open/close in a signal circuit and are many times considered hard buttons – or a Mechanical switch with audible push movement.

Würth Elektronik carries a variety of tact switches for multiple uses. Our tact switches are rigorously tested and feature a tight tolerance due to automated production.

Other Product Benefits Include:

- Performance stability and durability

- Long life cycle

- IP67 certified for select products

- Corrosion resistant plating

- Array of orientations for the ability to adapt products to your design needs

If you are interesting in learning more about available tact switches you can check out the online catalog.

Würth Elektronik Presents: Tact Switches