Micro Switches – The Tipping Point of Your Design

We live in a growing, fast-paced technological world that requires quick communication. Behind the scenes that means faster mechanical switch responses. That is possible with micro switches.

Electronic switches are a big part of everyday life. They are necessary to make your coffee, turn the refrigerator light off, and even turn your phone on. Because of the varied uses, they must come in a variety of sizes and types – from rocker switches to micro switches.

Let’s Look at Micro Switches

Certain types of micros switches are very commonly used in your average computer mouse. Every click of the button activates the switch to send a signal to your processor to create an action on the screen. You can also find them in your printer. When the printer shuttle reaches the other side of the paper it hits a micro switch that tells it to go back to home.

Micro Switches have long list of musts. They must:

- Respond quickly

- Sensitive tipping point

- Clear and reliable circuit interruption

- High durability

- Short movement

- High speed

- Safety compatible

WS-MITV Micro Switches

Würth Elektronik has developed a series of micro switches which can be used in a variety commercial and industrial applications.

Our WS-MITV line of micro switches are designed for fast response speeds and can handle a high amount of cycles. Switches in this family are glow wire safety tested and built with silver plating for greater sensitivity and anti-corrosive properties.

Switch types include:

Low Profile Actuator

Roller Arm Lever

Extended Cantilever Beam Lever

All versions of the WS-MITV micro switch series are now available from stock without a minimum order quantity. Make the micro switch for big results.

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