Augmented reality at your service

Würth Elektronik has always been on the cutting edge of the latest developments in technology. But we are careful to consider whether a new technical development truly adds value or whether it is just another gimmick. For augmented reality we have found a small, yet excellent, application.

Our greatest achievements are known to be based on tiny components. The specially selected materials, innovative design elements and unique processing features, are what differentiates our products from those of the competition. None of these attributes can be seen just by looking at a component from the outside. It’s what is inside that makes the difference. Yet even if a component were to be cut in half, customers may still struggle to see how the intricate mechanisms function. To make it easier for customers, we have added an interactive simulation feature to selected products in our catalog, that can be viewed using a smartphone or tablet device. To give you an idea, here is an example:

The above example is a mini-module connector simulation. The main feature of this connection method is a special construction of the contacts that prevents fretting corrosion. Explaining how this process works is challenging, yet with the support of augmented reality it’s intuitive.

We see the potential of augmented reality in supporting our technical sales team to assist customers, predominantly developers, who are searching for a better technical solution. Allowing customers to virtually immerse themselves in our products is not only fun, but it helps them to make better informed design and purchasing decisions.

Authors: Thorsten Wedekind & Thorolf Schwan, Digitalization & Technical Marketing

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