Indoor Farming and Horticulture LEDs: Share Knowledge, Drive Development

We have some indoor growth chambers at Würth Elektronik. These are small greenhouses equipped with electronic components such as our MagI³C power modules and LEDs in three very special wavelengths - Deep Blue 450 nm, Far Red 730 nm and Hyper Red 660 nm - in addition to full spectrum LEDs (all can be found at: These LEDs are so-called horticulture LEDs, the wavelengths of which are optimized for the needs of plants. With the control hardware and software we have developed, we can change the light composition and thus influence the growth of plants. This application note provides a good introduction to the topic.

Why are we doing this? Of course, we are showing interested parties in this specialty that we are familiar with these applications. But we also believe in the enormous potential of this technology. Producing fruits, vegetables or herbs in the smallest space, close to the consumer, offers immense advantages in quality and distribution.

Agricultural technology with controlled artificial lighting is a research area in which we are actively involved with our product development and through our cooperation with universities, organizations and customers. In this way, we want to accelerate the development of commercial applications and therefore we support start-ups technically by sharing our knowledge and know-how.

Share know-how openly? That may sound unusual, usually companies do not simply disclose knowledge. But the situation is different here.

“We have now reached a stage where the benefits of emerging standards will outweigh the fears of information sharing. Of course, some IP will remain. But where information can be shared, it will be - platforms for this are already in the works! ” - Mark Horler, UK Urban AgriTech collective (UKUAT)

We are also a member of this organization, and we see it that way too.

So if you have plans for a solution in high-tech horticulture, you should not only evaluate our horticulture LEDs, but also talk to us: Maybe we can offer the technical support that will quickly make the business idea a reality. The reference design for the LED control is available here and the development kits based on it can be ordered here.

Dr. Richard Blakey, Application Engineer - Technical Marketing

Johann Waldherr, Business Development Manager - Business Development

Dr. Zhelio Andreev, Product Manager Optoelectronic - Product Management

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