Get Your Copy of the Brand-New Trilogy of Wireless Power

Wireless power transfer is becoming an increasingly popular topic in the electronics industry. Paradoxically, there are very few helpful resources on wireless power.

Wurth Electronics noticed this need for a better understanding of wireless power. With our expertise (and our already substantial library of design guides), we decided to step in and offer a solution: the brand-new Trilogy of Wireless Power, available in March 2019 from Wurth Electronics!

All About the All-New Trilogy of Wireless Power

The Trilogy of Wireless Power is the sixth addition to our family ( see our other design guides here).

Like our other Trilogy design guides, the Trilogy of Wireless Power is divided into three main sections to help you better understand each main aspect of wireless power:

  • Basic Principles of Wireless Power
  • The Wireless Power Transfer System
  • Applications of Wireless Power

In the first part of the book, the basic principles of wireless power transfer are described, including the different transmissions paths, the leading standards, and the basic physics. While these principles have not changed in the last 120 years, we still wanted to give a short overview to make sure we had the basics covered.

The second part of the book covers the wireless power transfer system, including the different topologies of the wireless power transfer, the transmitter and receiver coils needed, FET selection, and all other required parts.

The third part of the book describes and illustrates practical application examples in the field of the Qi standard, examples for proprietary solutions, an overview of EMI-related topics for closely and loosely coupled systems, and an example for a multi-mode wireless power transfer system.


Reserve Your Copy of the Trilogy of Wireless Power!

The Trilogy of Wireless Power is all you need to understand wireless power, from basic principles to advanced applications.

Want your own copy? We’ll be releasing the Trilogy of Wireless Power here in March 2019. You can see it for yourself at APEC 2019 in Anaheim, CA. We will have a copy in our booth, #421!

Until then, you can request more information by contacting your local Area Sales Manager or emailing us at

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