Find the Right Component with REDEXPERT: The World’s Most Accurate AC Loss Model

Tired of trying to calculate AC losses for your power supply design? Why not use the world’s most accurate AC loss model?

REDEXPERT is Wurth Electronics’ online platform for simple component selection and performance simulation. With this free tool, you can calculate your losses in real-time and compare inductance/current and temperature rise/DC current using interactive measurement curves — all with the confidence of using the most accurate AC loss model on the planet.

Learn more about why and how to use REDEXPERT in this blog post (or skip right to the tool here!).

The Most Important REDEXPERT Features at a Glance

Inductor losses are one of the most critical factors in the design of an efficient power supply. With REDEXPERT, you can correctly determine your total AC losses at any operating condition, incorporating both AC core and AC wire losses. You can even filter settings for more than 20 electrical and mechanical parameters.

REDEXPERT is now available in seven languages. You can order free samples and access product datasheets directly from the software.

No login is required to use REDEXPERT, but additional features are available if you do create an account (keep reading for details).

Are you more of a visual learner? Check out our REDEXPERT introduction and tutorial videos here!

What Makes REDEXPERT Better than Other AC Loss Models?

You may have used other AC loss models in the past. So what makes the Wurth Electronics REDEXPERT model the world’s best?

Here are the three main advantages of REDEXPERT:

  • Based on actual components: REDEXPERT is based on all types of core materials, all core shapes (not only ring cores), air gap and fringing effects, and effects and changes in winding structure.
  • Superior point of operation: REDEXPERT was measured with a pulsating square wave voltage, which is applied across the inductor and results in a triangular current with DC offset.
  • Highest accuracy possible: Compared to Steinmetz, the Wurth Electronics REDEXPERT model has a higher accuracy over a wider range of duty cycles.

Available (and Future) Applications of REDEXPERT

There are several different uses for REDEXPERT today, including:

  • DC/DC converters
  • WPT resonance tanks
  • Pulse designers
  • Attenuation designers

We’re working on other applications for REDEXPERT, too. Stay tuned to our blog to find out a new way you can use the tool soon!

Advantages for Registered REDEXPERT Users

While you don’t need a login to use REDEXPERT, here are some reasons you may want to create one:

  • Compare up to 16 products
  • Add up to five chart markers
  • Compare losses in the article table and filter for lowest loss or temperature rise
  • Use manual loss calculation independent of converter topology
  • Get full access to all charts

Try REDEXPERT Online Now!

Ready to test the world’s most accurate AC loss model for yourself? Get immediate access to REDEXPERT here. Remember, no login is required — so you really have nothing to lose!

If you need help using the tool (or just some more information), check out our tutorial videos here.

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