Introducing the STMicroelectronics USB Type-C Development Kit, Featuring Our Powerful USB Type-C Connectors

If you’ve been looking to take advantage of the vastly expanded range of options offered by USB Type-C and USB Power Delivery in your projects, we have a convenient solution for you: our new USB Type-C Development Kit !

Created in partnership with STMicroelectronics, the USB Type-C Development Kit features our high-power, high-speed USB Type-C Connectors. This kit is ready for immediate use in prototypes and represents a reference design for safe and flexible USB PD applications up to 100W.

For fast and easy migration to Type-C, the USB Type-C Development Kit is the immediate solution to the challenges you’re facing. Learn more about the kit and our powerful USB Type-C Connectors below!

2 Challenges Solved by the STMicroelectronics USB Type-C Development Kit

With the USB Type-C Development Kit, Wurth Electronics has relieved our customers of two of the biggest challenges you may face in developing USB PD applications:

  • A robust solution with embedded protection against short-circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent, and electromagnetic interference. This is ensured by using USB Type-C Connectors, inductive components, and capacitors from Wurth Electronics as well as certified USB Power Delivery controllers from STMicroelectronics with built-in protection.
  • A complete and ready-to-use solution with evaluation boards and a demonstration board for sink and source applications from 0.5W up to 100W. These boards can be used without any extra software or firmware for faster development time.

3 Assembled Boards Included in the STMicroelectronics USB Type-C Development Kit

The USB Type-C Development Kit includes three assembled boards and a high current rating USB Type-C cable.

The first board is the 40W Source Evaluation Board with the STUSB4710 autorun controller and on-board DC/DC converter from STMicroelectronics. The STUSB4710 integrates all the digital and high-voltage analog circuitry needed to autonomously support full USB PD negotiation. It supports up to five Power Data Objects (PDOs) and power-sharing applications, thanks to its I²C interface. Typical applications are power-source applications, such as AC adapters, power supplies, power hubs, smart plugs, and DC/DC applications.

The second board is the 100W Sink Evaluation Board with the STUSB4500 autorun controller from STMicroelectronics. It allows straightforward migration from STD-B, micro-B, or custom power plugs to a Type-C connector. This solution is ideal for automatically prompting a charging process — even if the battery is empty! The STUSB4500 supports up to three PDOs. Typical applications are electronic devices charged through USB Type-C Connectors.

The third board is the 100W Source Demo Board with the STUSB1602 (an analog front-end that is a companion chip of the STM32 microcontroller) and on-board DC/DC converter. The STUSB1602 provides up to five PDOs. Typical applications include power-source applications, such as AC adapters, power supplies, power hubs, smart plugs, and DC/DC applications.

Advantages of the Wurth Electronics USB Type-C Connectors

USB Type-C connectors are used by many devices today. Whatever your final application, there are many reasons for adopting the Wurth Electronics USB Type-C Connectors.

Here are some of the key advantages:

  • More convenient: Thinner, reversible, easier to plug in, and 10x more robust than micro-B
  • More power: Up to 15W (5V / 3A) natively, up to 100W (20V / 5A) with PD support (compatible with USB 3.0 Power Delivery), scalable, and bidirectional
  • More speed: USB 2.0 (LS, HS, and FS) and USB 3.1 (up to 10Gbps)
  • More protocol: Display port, HDMI, Ethernet, and audio
  • More secure: Authentication and firmware update

Since the USB Type-C Connector is reversible, it can be plugged into a device any way you want. Along with being able to carry up to 100W charging power (from 5V/0.1A up to 20V/5.0A), the connector merges and is compatible with the functionality of both legacy Type-A and -B ports in a single one. It can even can change roles on the fly!

Characteristics of the Wurth Electronics USB Type-C Connectors

The primary characteristics of the Wurth Electronics USB Type-C Connectors include:

  • 10000 mating cycle
  • 24 pins
  • Operating temp: -40°C to 125°C
  • Rated current: 5A
  • Shielding material: Steel
  • Contact area: 30u" gold over nickel
  • ROHS compliance
  • Working voltage: 20V(dc)
  • Withstanding voltage: 100V(ac)
  • Flammability rating : UL94-V0
  • SMT & THR
  • Tape and reel packaging

Applications of the Wurth Electronics USB Type-C Connectors

There are many potential uses and applications for USB Type-C Connectors. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Consumer electronics: TVs, set-top boxes, power supplies or AC/DC adapters, power hubs, power banks, external hard disk drives, and peripherals or smart speakers
  • Battery-operated devices: E-cigarettes, power tools, and Bluetooth speakers
  • Industrial: Wall plugs, printers, and home appliances
  • Automotive: USB chargers and infotainment

And that’s just the beginning. From mass storage to media transfer protocol to human interface devices to countless other applications (like motherboards, notebooks, smartphones, and more) — the potential uses of USB Type-C connectors are virtually endless!

Interested in Getting Your Own Kit?

The USB Type-C Development Kit offers up to 100W power delivery, all in one simple solution.

Want your own kit? The USB Type-C Development Kit is available now from all local sales representatives at Wurth Electronics. Please contact your local representative to learn more.

You can also request free samples of our USB Type-C Connectors here!