Meet Us Monday: Nicki Mandery, Distribution Web Content and Marketing Coordinator

Every other Monday, we feature a different employee on our blog to give a little insight into Wurth Electronics.

This week, meet Nicki Mandery, Distribution Web Content and Marketing Coordinator located in her home office in Kansas.

What do you value most about Wurth Electronics?

I really value the culture of our company. We have a set of qualitites that makes Wurth Electonics different from others with our constitution items. We, as a company, strive to follow these consitituion items and I feel having those items is important and we, as a company, do a good job of following them. I also value you my team and the other teams here. We all strive do our best and give "more than you expect" to not only our customers but to eachother.

How do you like to relax?

I like to relax by watching a good movie on the couch with a nice soft blanket.

How has Wurth Electronics invested in your professional development?

The company has invested in my professional development in some ways. They have allowed for me to learn different roles and get back into doing what I am happy with.

If you had to delete all but 3 apps from your smartphone, which would you keep?

My banking app

HiMamma app for my son's daycare

Target app

What is your most used emoji?

the "thumbs up" emoji

Want to learn more about Wurth Electronics? Read more about our company here, or see our current job openings.

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