Q&A with Ismael Molina Alba, Presenter at DesignCon 2017

Meet Ismael Molina Alba, a Product Manager at Würth Elektronik. Learn about his role, expertise, and “High-Speed EMI Prevention Techniques” presentation at DesignCon 2017.

Q: Ismael, what do you do?

A: “Currently, I work as a Product Manager. We follow the whole product lifecycle—from the design phase to the market. Once it’s at market, we continue our involvement with marketing, training, etc. In every step of the process, we support other team members when needed.”

Q: How long have you been with Würth Elektronik?

A: “I started in February 2013, after I completed my degree in telecommunication engineering. After graduating, I took an internship at Airbus Defence and Space before my job as Product Manager at Würth Elektronik.”

Q: What brings you to DesignCon 2017?

A: "I will be at booth #949 during all of DesignCon, except for during my presentation on Wednesday, February 1, at 9:20am. During my presentation, I’ll introduce high-speed Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI) Troubleshooting techniques and cover the design of components from my point of view.“

“I like to make my presentations interactive—otherwise people will fall asleep and that’s not what we want! I ask questions so I’m not speaking for five minutes straight.”

Q: What can someone who attends your High-Speed EMI Prevention Techniques presentation expect to learn?

A: “We will cover the construction of the components, important parameters of the design, and examples of application.”

Q: Since the topic is “High-Speed EMI Prevention Techniques”, what exactly does ‘high-speed mean at Würth Elektronik?

A: “Talking about High-speed means different kinds of technologies, such as USB 3.1 or wireless standards like Bluetooth™ or WiFi, which now thanks to IoT are state of the art.”

Q: How important is it to consider EMI when designing a circuit board?

A: “Preventing EMI is really, really important because you can save a lot of time and money later on. Troubleshooting EMI during the design and prototype phases is growing. You cannot enter the product in the market if it isn’t certified.”

Q: What are your plans for after your presentation? Are you going to stick around for the rest of DesignCon 2017?

A: “Yes! I will be around at booth #949. It’s my first time at DesignCon, so I really want to see what’s going on!"

“Plus, I invite people to ask me any questions about the presentation during ‘Ask Ismael’ from 1-3:00pm on Wednesday and Thursday. I also welcome my colleagues to ask me questions at any point during DesignCon.”

Q: Which products can we find at the Wurth Electronics Midcom booth? Will there be anything new on display?

A: “You can find a full range of products there this year, along with experts to answer questions. We’ll have new products from the passive components catalog, new 15W Wireless Power Design Kits with ROHM Semiconductor, and the new ‘Gleanergy’ Energy Harvesting Demonstration with Linear Technology. The WE-TFC and WE-TFCH are old series products, but has a new extended voltage range—before it was 250V and it’s now 400V. The WE-CMB HV is a high voltage series with 760V and high attenuation range. The WE-TPB HV is similar to the WE-CMB HV, with the same voltage range, but in this case is a three phase common mode choke.”

“I’m new to DesignCon, but I’m really excited! As Product Managers, we are normally disconnected from the customer. I look forward to connecting with customers—that’s the most interesting part of any trade show.”

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