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22.11.2021 (Power Magnetics, Other Product News, Electronics Insight)

DIP Switches Hold the Code

DIP switches are used everywhere that multiple settings need to be made swiftly and directly on board the PCB. DIP switches are best used where multiple signal gates are needed, combining switching circuits in a single package.

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16.11.2021 (Power Magnetics, Electronics Insight, Wireless Connectivity)

Coaxial Connectors: Prep for Landing

Our world runs on the ability to transmit data through the air or through a conductor. Coaxial products allow us to perform a smooth transition in the most efficient way, by matching system characteristics.

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20.05.2021 (Power Magnetics, Emerging Technology, Elektromechanik)

Wie versorgt man Gate-Treiber für SiC-MOSFETs?

Mit der zunehmenden Verbreitung von Leistungshalbleiterbauelementen in der Siliziumkarbidtechnologie (SiC), die mit Schaltfrequenzen über 100 kHz arbeiten, werden die Anforderungen an ihre Gate-Ansteuerung immer anspruchsvoller.

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04.12.2020 (EMC Components, Power Magnetics, Electronics Insight)

Tactile Switches – A Touch to Start the World

Whether you realize it or not, switches are an important mechanical part of most electronic applications. There are power and signal switches both with many different styles to open and close a circuit.

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07.12.2019 (Power Magnetics, Electronics Insight)

Vergleich von Schaltnetzteil-Topologien

Trotz der Nachteile, dass sie komplexer sind und mehr Sorgfalt bei der Kontrolle der EMI erfordern, überwiegen die Vorteile von Schaltnetzteilen bei allen Anwendungen mit Ausnahme einiger weniger Nischenanwendungen bei weitem.

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24.02.2019 (Power Magnetics, Emerging Technology)

Learning Magnetics Just Became Fun with Our New TI-PML Buck Kit!

Thought learning magnetics was boring? Think again! Würth Elektronik has partnered with Texas Instruments to offer a new hands-on learning kit, the TI-PMLK Buck Würth Elektronik Edition kit.

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19.02.2019 (EMC Components, Power Magnetics, Electronics Insight, Emerging Technology)

Find the Right Component with REDEXPERT: The World’s Most Accurate AC Loss Model

Tired of trying to calculate AC losses for your power supply design? Why not use the world’s most accurate AC loss model, REDEXPERT?

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27.08.2018 (Power Magnetics)

What Is PoE, and Why Use It for High Power Applications?

To learn the ins and outs of the latest Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, we interviewed Swaroop Vaidyanath, Product Manager for PoE products at Wurth Electronics. Here is what Mr. Vaidyanath had to share!

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24.08.2018 (Power Magnetics)

How Shielding Materials Affect Electromagnetic Radiation and the Effectiveness of a Power Inductor

In this third and final post of our blog series on electromagnetic (EM) radiation, we’ll discuss how shielding materials affect electromagnetic radiation and, by implication, the effectiveness of your power inductor.

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21.08.2018 (Power Magnetics)

Factors that Influence Electromagnetic Radiation of Power Inductors

In this post, we will discuss EM radiation as it pertains to unshielded, semi-shielded, and shielded inductors. We will also cover how EM radiation changes according to different influences.

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