What Is SHDSL And Where Is It Used?

SHDSL is the best technology available in the Telecom market when it comes to high data rate requirements on long copper lines. To learn the ins and outs of this technology, we interviewed Swaroop Vaidyanath, Product Manager for Telecom Products. Here is what Mr. Vaidyanath had to share.

What is SHDSL?

SHDSL stands for Single-Pair High-speed Digital Subscriber Lines. This technology helps in the transmission of digital data over copper wires of a network. The bandwidth in the downstream (downloading) direction, from the network to the subscriber, is identical / symmetrical to the bandwidth in the upstream (uploading) direction, from the subscriber to the network. In the SHDSL IC market, Intel® transceivers boasts of data rates as high as 15Megabits per second ( Mbps) per twisted-pair copper wires and reach beyond 9.3 miles (15 Kilometers). This performance depends on the characteristics of the cable used.The reach of SHDSL is much further than Ethernet or any other DSL technology currently available. A throughput of 60Mbps (symmetrical rate) has also been achieved using 4 copper pairs (a CAT5e cable has 4 copper pairs).

Figure 1: Structure of SHDSL connection (source: Teleconnect GmbH’s SOCRATES™ EVB manual)

As shown in Figure 1 below, the SHDSL technology can be used as an Ethernet extender. The size of these evaluation boards are 9 x 5cm. Standard Ethernet has a maximum reach of 100 meters. SHDSL has a range beyond 9 miles.

Where is SHDSL used?

  • Infotainment systems in airports, metro stations, etc: SHDSL is the preferred technology on long copper loops (200 meters up to miles of reach) and places where PoE ( Power over Ethernet ) and VDSL2 (Very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line ) technologies cannot be accessed.
  • Video surveillance: When IP cameras are needed in locations beyond the reach of PoE, SHDSL comes into play
  • Vending Machines, banking terminals, traffic controls: SHDSL is robust and has extended reach
  • Industrial communication systems, business use, reach extenders and repeaters

Can you tell us about Intel's® solution and the SHDSL transformer used?

Intel® has come up with Intel® SHDSL Transceiver solution, which has a stunning reach and top-of-the-line throughput characteristics, exceeding the G.SHDSL standard. It also offers a small footprint and low power consumption. As you may already know, one of the key components for data transmission applications is the data isolation transformer. Wurth Electronics Midcom has specially developed the transformer to be used on the SHDSL Intel® evaluation board. It is customized to be compact (17.7 x 13.4 x 12.7mm height) and provides very good total harmonic distortion. This transformer meets UL and IEC standards, has a low leakage inductance (less than 35µH) and offers excellent longitudinal balance. The list of data isolation transformers developed by Wurth Electronics Midcom for SHDSL applications can be found on our website.

Are Intel® SHDSL evaluation kits available to the public?

Absolutely! In partnership with Teleconnect GmbH, Wurth Electronics Midcom is offering the evaluation kits online. This demonstration kit provides the ability to test the capabilities of Intel’s® e-transceiver in SHDSL applications. The evaluation board included in this kit can be used as an EFM ( Ethernet First Mile ) Modem, SHDSL-EFM Module or a Plug & Play Ethernet Extender. It features a selectable bitrate, including auto mode and USB EIA232 emulation or TTL compatible EIA232 interface.