Get to Know the WR-LECO Connector Series

Applications for WR-LECO include lighting but especially LED strip lights. Light strips can be used in work or office environments but have also seen an increase in home and environmental lighting. Recent trends include using LED strips for ambient and back-lighting.

The WR-LECO series was developed to be able to support LED lighting, as existing connector types were not ideal for this application. It was clear that horizontal board-to-board connectors in grey and white colors were needed. Connector color is important in this situation because a dark connector would appear as a “shadow” and could be seen below the cover.

The WR-LECO series allows several modules to be connected with board-to-board solutions and also to connect the power line with wire-to-board connection and the slim design is perfect for LED applications.

Other highlights of the WR-LECO series include:

• Hermaphroditic solutions that only require one part for male and female for easier handling and less parts

• Poke in connector single wire wire-to-board solution for flexible and rigid cable

• Gives more freedom in number of poles and placement on PCB

• 1.5mm type includes small, locking mechanism that fixes parts against each other

• 4mm type can be used for wire-to-board applications, flexible and rigid cable, and board-to-board applications with add-on part

• Allows tolerance when connected to balance manufacturing tolerances of PCB strips and fixtures.

All versions of the WR-LECO series are now available from stock without a minimum order quantity. To order free samples, request technical assistance, and to learn more about the LECO series you can visit our catalog.

Würth Elektronik Presents the WR-LECO Series