Meet Us Monday: Lars Fahrbach, Executive Global Distribution Manager in the Waldenburg, Germany Office

Every other Monday, we feature a different employee on our blog to give a little insight into Würth Elektronik.

This week, meet Lars Fahrbach, Executive Global Distrubtion Manager in the Waldenburg, Germany Office

What do you value most about Würth Elektronik?

There are a lot of things and values I admire. For me, the most important is the great attitude, honesty and transparancy towards employees and our customers. As well that you can be yourself, bring in your talent and skills, but also feel encouragment to further development yourself - personally and professionally.

How do you like to relax?

I love to watch soccer, travel to new places all over the world and do things with family and friends. The place where Ican relax the most is a punk, rock or metal concert with a small stage, a crazy crowd and a loud band!

How has Würth Elektronik invested in your professional development?

Würth Elektronik has offered me in the 15+ years an unbelievable amount of trainings, workshops and courses to develop my technical knowledge, sales skills, interculutral understanding, communication skills, leadership trainings and many more! .....and they thought me how to drink coffee and use a coffee machine! :-)

If you had to delete all but 3 apps from your smartphone, which would you keep?


Google Maps

Apple Music

What is your most used emoji?

The rocket ship and the "okay" hand

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