Meet Us Monday: :Lindsey Esche, Marketing & Communications Manager

Every other Monday, we feature a different employee on our blog to give a little insight into Wurth Electronics.

This week, meet Lindsey Esche, Marketing & Communications Manager located in our Watertown, SD office.

What do you value most about Wurth Electronics?

There is a philosophy in our company, which can basically be summarized to say, "With success comes freedom." When I started, I was a young person straight out of college, and my bosses have given me so many opporutitties to prove myself. I took on some pretty cool, ground breaking projects. It's rewarding to feel so trusted at work.

How do you like to relax?

I love to be in the kitchen. I bake with my kids, can and freeze produce from the garden, and bring in treats to work for birthdays, potlucks, and just because I wanted to try a new recipe!

How has Wurth Electronics invested in your professional development?

I've participated in multiple training programs with international colleagues. They're more than a "one and done" type of training. My favorite was a circuit of six sessions over the course of 18 months, which held me accountable to my colleagues, the trainer, myself, and my bosses. I learned so much about feedback, conflict resolution, change cycles, and group dynamics. It is REAL content I apply to my work on a daily basis.

If you had to delete all but 3 apps from your smartphone, which would you keep?

Amazon Alexa

A reference guide for essential oils


What is your most used emoji?

the "laugh till you cry" face!

Want to learn more about Wurth Electronics? Read more about our company here, or see our current job openings.

Check back everyother week for more Meet Us Mondays!

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