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29.02.2016 (Meet Us Monday)

Meet Us Monday: Sarah Shepard, Planning & Forecast Analyst , Watertown, SD

Meet Sarah Shepard, Planning & Forecast Analyst at the Watertown, SD office.

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29.02.2016 (EMC Components)

Expert Industry Knowledge: Interview with Kenneth Wyatt

Meet Kenneth Wyatt, a consultant in electromagnetic compatbility (EMC) design and training.

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23.02.2016 (Other Product News)

Hidden Gems at APEC 2016

APEC is more than just an exhibition for us. It’s an educational conference. Here’s what you’ll learn from Wurth Electronics Midcom at APEC 2016-- off the exhibition floor.

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21.02.2016 (Wireless Power)

Integrated Device Technology (IDT) - Plug-and-Play Wireless Power Reference Kits Featuring Würth Elektronik Wireless Charging Coils

IDT's turnkey wireless power kits make integrating wireless charging easy, affordable and practical for a broad range of consumer electronics.

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09.02.2016 (Press-Fit Technology)

Factors to Consider when Using Power Elements Products

Some important factors to consider when designing a power-to-board solution with our Power Elements products include the derating behaviors, manufacturing guidelines, and necessary tools.

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09.02.2016 (Other Product News)

5 Things You Should Know for APEC 2016 by Lindsey Esche

APEC is coming around to Long Beach again, and Lindsey thought it would be fun and helpful to share with you my top tips for APEC 2016. Follow Wurth Electronics Midcom on Twitter and like us on Facebook for exciting updates as we near APEC 2016 in March!

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08.02.2016 (Meet Us Monday)

Meet Us Monday: Tammy Davis, HR Manager, Watertown, SD

Meet Tammy Davis, HR Manager at the Watertown, SD office.

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03.02.2016 (Press-Fit Technology)

5 Different Configuration Types of Power Elements Products

Wurth Electronics Midcom offers five different configuration types of products within the Power Elements family. This post will cover each one.

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27.01.2016 (Press-Fit Technology)

Advantages of Power Elements Products

With a high current capability and extremely low contact resistance (plus a lower price), the Power Elements products from Wurth Electronics Midcom prove to be a better solution than high-power terminal blocks.

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18.01.2016 (Meet Us Monday)

Meet Us Monday: Lory Wilkens, R&D Lab Operator, Watertown, SD Office

Meet Lory Wilkens, a R&D Lab Operator at the Watertown, SD Office.

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