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06.03.2019 (Wireless Power, Electronics Insight)

Get Your Copy of the Brand-New Trilogy of Wireless Power

We noticed a need for a better understanding of wireless power, so we decided to step in and offer a solution: the brand-new Trilogy of Wireless Power, available in March 2019 from Wurth Electronics!

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03.03.2019 (EMC Components, Electronics Insight)

Filter Attenuation Measurement Method Using Electrical Fast Transient Burst (EFTB) [Part 1 of 3]

When Schneider Electric approached our team about the need to offer more information on electrical fast transient burst (EFTB) attenuation, we jumped at the chance. In this blog series, we’ll explain this collaborative effort between Rich Spangenberg from Schneider Electric and Jared Quenzer from Wurth Electronics.

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26.02.2019 (Wireless Power, Emerging Technology)

Announcing Our Newest Kit for Wireless Power: The 200W Development Kit

Our newest kit in the area of wireless power is now available: the 200W Wireless Power Development Kit! With this complete, ready-to-use kit, you can discover the advantages of wireless power technology for yourself and easily integrate it into your product design.

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24.02.2019 (Power Magnetics, Emerging Technology)

Learning Magnetics Just Became Fun with Our New TI-PML Buck Kit!

Thought learning magnetics was boring? Think again! Würth Elektronik has partnered with Texas Instruments to offer a new hands-on learning kit, the TI-PMLK Buck Würth Elektronik Edition kit.

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19.02.2019 (EMC Components, Power Magnetics, Electronics Insight, Emerging Technology)

Find the Right Component with REDEXPERT: The World’s Most Accurate AC Loss Model

Tired of trying to calculate AC losses for your power supply design? Why not use the world’s most accurate AC loss model, REDEXPERT?

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11.02.2019 (Other Product News, Electronics Insight)

Don’t Miss These New Products from Wurth Electronics

We're excited to tell you about several new additions to our product catalog. Here's everything you need to know!

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05.02.2019 (EMC Components, Electronics Insight)

Get Your Copy of the New and Improved Trilogy of Magnetics: 5th Edition

If you’ve ever wrestled with inductive component selection, we have the perfect resource for you: our new and improved Trilogy of Magnetics, now in its fifth edition.

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10.01.2019 (EMC Components, Electronics Insight)

How Flexible Absorber Sheets Solve EMI Problems: Characterization Methods [Part 2 of 2]

EMI is a growing problem for engineers. In this second post in our two-part series, we’ll describe several experimental tests that can be used to characterize absorber materials based upon internal and external properties.

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08.01.2019 (EMC Components, Electronics Insight)

How Flexible Absorber Sheets Solve EMI Problems: Properties + Materials [Part 1 of 2]

EMI is a growing problem for engineers. In this two-part blog series, learn why and how to use flexible absorber sheets to reduce EMI noise in your design!

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