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IC manufacturers Taiwan Semiconductor

Taiwan Semiconductor TS19376 | Demoboard TS19376CY5

Low‐cost LED driver module 0.5 A / 33 VDC with >90% efficiency for general use


TopologyBuck Converter
Input voltage8-33 V
Output 10.5 A


LED driver module (Fig.1) is built on buck driver IC TS19376 in SOT89‐5 package produced by Taiwan Semiconductor.This buck driver involves hysteretic regulation for relatively high efficiencies above 90% without need for compensation. Outputcurrent is set by the combination of parallel resistors R1‐R3 (Fig.1) with a ratio of 0.13 Ω/1 A. Hysteretic regulation outlined in [1] can be shortly described: The internal switch of the TS19376 driver connects the input voltageto the load through inductor L1.Current through the inductor is linearly increased and monitored as voltage drop on R1 II R2 II R3). Once the current reaches 149.5 mV (130 mV + Vcsn_hys (15% = 19.5 mV)), the integrated switch turns off and current flowing through the inductorand D1 linearly decreases until it drops to 110.5 mV (130 mV – Vcsn_hys (15% = 19.5 mV)), when the switch turns again on and this process repeats for each cycle as shown in Fig.2.

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