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Silicon Laboratory Inc. Si2494



TopologyBoost Converter
Input voltage0.8-2 V
Output 12.4 V
IC revision0.4


The Si2494/39 ISOmodem is a full-featured ITU V.92/V.34-compliant modem that provides connect rates of up to 56 kbps, full-duplex, over the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Offered as a chipset with the Si2494/39 system-side device and the Si3018 line-side device, the ISOModem utilizes Silicon Laboratories’ patented direct access arrangment (DAA) technology to provide a programmable telephone line interface with an unparalleled level of integration. This compact solution eliminates the need for a separate DSP, modem controller, codec, transformer, relay, opto-isolators, clocking crystal, and 2-4 wire hybrid. The addition of the Si3000 voice codec supports a voice handset and/or full-duplex speakerphone. Voice pass-through with optional compression supports tapeless answering machine, music-on-hold, voice menus, etc. The Si2494/39 is ideal for embedded modem applications due to its flexibility, small footprint, and minimal external component count.


  • Data modem formats

    -ITU-T, Bell

    -300 bps up to 56 kbps

    -V.21,V.22, V.29 Fast Connect

    -V.44, V.42, V.42bis, MNP2-5

    -Automatic rate negotiation

    -V.92 PCM upstream

    -V.92 Quick connect

    -V.92 Modem on hold

  • Type I and II caller ID decode

    -No external ROM or RAM required

    -UART, SPI, or parallel interface

    -Flexible clock options

    -Low-cost 32.768 kHz oscillator

    -4.915 MHz oscillator

    -27 MHz clock input

  • Integrated DAA

    -Over 6000 V capacitive isolation

    -Parallel phone detect

    -Globally-compliant line interface

    -Overcurrent detection

  • AT command set support
  • SMS / MMS support
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • EEPROM interface
  • Commercial or industrial
  • temperature range
  • DTMF detection/generation
  • Si3000 Voice Codec Interface

    -Hardware support for mic,speaker, and/or handset

  • Programmable voice filters,limiters, and sidetone
  • Supports TBR-38, TIA/EIA-4790 and other voice standards
  • Voice pass through with compression
  • Supports telephone answering machine, music on hold, voice menus, etc
  • Full-duplex speakerphone support
  • Line echo cancellation
  • Acoustic echo cancellation

Typical applications

  • Security
  • Point-of-sale terminals
  • Medical
  • Remote monitoring


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