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Silicon Laboratory Inc. Si2418

Evaluation Board for the Si2494/39/38/37/36/35/29/19/18/17 ISOModem


TopologyBoost Converter
IC revision0.4


The Global Voice ISOmodem EVB evaluation board provides the system designer with an easy way of evaluating the ISOmodem. The Voice ISOmodem EVB consists of a motherboard with a complete removabledaughter cardThe Voice ISOmodem is a complete controller based modem chipset with an integrated and programmable direct access arrangement (DAA) that meets the global telephone line requirements. It is available in a 24-pin or 38-pin system side device and a 16-pin line side device. The hardware versions at the time of publication are: Voice Mother Board Si24xxVMB Rev 2.0 Modem Daughter Card Si24xx2G-DC Rev 2.0 Modem Daughter Card Si24xx2G-QFN38-DC Rev 1.0

The voice daughter card is populated with the correct ISOmodem system side chip (Si2494/39/38/37/36/35/ 29/19/18/17) and the correct line side DAA chip, the Si3018 to suit the voice applications.

The ISOmodem eliminates the need for a separate DSP data pump, modem controller, memories, codec, isolation transformers, relays, opto-isolators and a 3-4 wire hybrid. The ISOmodem is ideal for embedded modem and voice applications due to its small board area, controller based architecture, low powerconsumption and global compliance. An onboard rectifier, filter, and voltage regulator allow the power input to be 7.5–13 V ac or dc (either polarity) supplied through a screw terminal (J8) or a standard 2 mm power jack (J9). Alternatively, power can be supplied through the USB interface (whether the USB or RS232 interface is used).The Power Source Selection in automatic, while the signaling port is selected by a jumper (JP23).The evaluation board audio power amplifier can drive an external speaker for either call progress monitoring or speakerphone function. A small onboard speaker, suitable for call progress monitoring, is installed. Please note that fax modem versions listed in the title require a software driver in order to implement fax send/ receive functionality. The driver must be compliant with the Silicon Labs ISOmodem and with applicable ITU-Tstandards (e.g., T.30, T.31, T.4 and T.6) Contact Silicon Labs for details.


  • This evaluation board includes the following:
  • Socketed module with the modem chipset
  • USB or asynch RS232 Serial Interface
  • RJ11 connection to the phone line
  • Onboard relay-excludable RJ11 connection
  • RS232 and USB interface to the PC
  • Direct access to the ISOmodem signals for embedded system evaluation
  • Power from a provided 8.5–13.5 V dc power supply or from the USB port
  • Handset connector (J1)
  • Onboard hookswitch
  • External hookswitch connector
  • Jumper matrix that allows any handset wiring scheme to work with this board
  • Onboard speakerphone microphone
  • RCA jack connector to an optional off-board speakerphone electret microphone
  • Selectable and adjustable electret power supplies for both handset and speakerphone microphones
  • Onboard 300 mW audio power amplifier (into a 4 load) for driving either onboard or external speaker.
  • Onboard voice coil driven loudspeaker for call monitoring
  • LED display of all RS232 signals


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