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Silicon Laboratory Inc. EZR32WG330F256R63G-B0 | Demoboard BRD4503B

EZR32WG 915MHz Switched WSTK Radio Board


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IC revision1.2


The WSTK6222 is an excellent starting point to get familiar withthe EZR32 Wonder Gecko Wireless Microcontrollers.The idea behind the WSTK6222 is to provide a complete development platform for Silicon Labs EZR32 Wonder Gecko Wireless Microcontrollers.The core of the WSTK6222 is the Wireless Starter Kit (WSTK) Mainboard (BRD4001) which feature an on-board J-Link debugger,an Advanced Energy Monitor for real-time current and voltage monitoring, a Virtual COM port interface, and access to thePacket Trace Interface (PTI). The WSTK Mainboard is paired with an EZR32 Wonder Gecko radio board that plugs directly into themainboard. The radio board feature the EZR32 Wonder Gecko itself and the RF interface. All debug functionality, including AEM,VCOM and PTI, can also be used towards an external target instead of the included radio board. To further enhance the WSTK usability,the WSTK Mainboard contains sensors and peripherals demonstrating some of the Wireless MCU's many capabilities.


  • Ethernet and USB connectivity
  • Advanced Energy Monitoring
  • Packet Trace Interface support
  • SEGGER J-Link OB debugger
  • Debug Multiplexer supporting externalhardware as well as radio board
  • Silicon Labs' Si7021 Relative Humidity andTemperature sensor
  • Ultra Low power 128x128 pixel MemoryLCD
  • LEDs / Pushbuttons / Reset button
  • 20pin 2.54mm header for expansionboards
  • Breakout pads for direct access to all radioI/O pins
  • Power sources including USB and CR2032coin cell holder.REMARK: Schematic,BOM and pdf is added