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Monolithic Power Systems EV44010-S+HR1000-S-00A

150W Street Lamp Evaluation Board


TopologyFlyback Converter
Input voltage85-305 V
Output 170 V
IC revision1.0


The EV44010-S+HR1000-S-00A is a general purpose evaluation board of MP44010 and HR1000 for 150W street lamp application.MP44010 is a boundary conduction mode PFC controller which can provide simple and high performance active power factor correction with minimum external components.HR1000 is a controller specific for the resonant half-bridge topology with two channels of 50% complementary duty cycle outputs drivingsignals.The EV44010-S+HR1000-S-00A provides up to 150W output power and operates with ultra wide input range from 85V to 305V. Besides,the EV44010-S+HR1000-S-00A has output fault protections, such as short circuit protection, over voltage protection. It also can meet theClass C standard of IEC61000-3-2 and EN55015 standard.


 Ultra Wide Operating Input Range(from 85Vto 305V)

  • High efficiency up to 92%
  • Meet Class C Standard of IEC61000-3-2
  • Meet EN55015 Standard
  • High Power Factor
  • Short Circuit Protection (Latch)
  • Over Voltage Protection


Typical applications

  • High Power & Efficiency Adaptor,Telecom Power Supply
  • LED Street Lamp Application
  • LCD TV&ATX Power Supplyv