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Maxim Integrated MAX16992 | Demoboard MAX16992EVKIT

Evaluation Kits for the MAX16990 and MAX16992


TopologyBoost Converter
Input voltage4.5-36 V
Switching frequency1000-2500 kHz
Output 18 V / 2 A


The MAX16990/MAX16992 evaluation kits (EV kits)are fully assembled and tested PCBs that contain a16W DC-DC converter for front-end preboost automotiveapplications. The devices integrate a low-side FET driverand current-mode control-loop circuitry for output-voltageregulation, making them ideal for automotive boost orSEPIC converters. The MAX16990 integrated driverswitches at 400kHz, while the MAX16992 integrateddriver switches at 2.2MHz using the default configuration.The MAX16990 can be synchronized with an externalclock source within the 100kHz to 1MHz range, and theMAX16992 within the 1MHz to 2.5MHz range.The EV kits operate from a DC supply voltage of 4.5V(3V in bootstrapped mode) up to 36V. The EV kits canwithstand a 42V load-dump condition for up to 400ms.Each EV kit demonstrates the device features, suchas dynamic adjustable output voltage, external clocksynchronization, two-phase operation configurability,cycle-by-cycle current limit, hiccup mode, and thermalshutdown. The boost converter regulates 8V and cansupply a current up to 2A. Each EV kit includes an externalp-MOSFET (P1) that can be used to disconnect theboost output from the load in a fault condition. The EVkits also demonstrate a reference MAX16990 design forautomotive applications.


4.5V (3V in Bootstrapped Mode) Up to 36V InputVoltage Range● 8V Up to 2A Output● Demonstrates External Clock Synchronization● Demonstrates SUP UVLO● Demonstrates Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limit andHiccup Mode● Thermal-Shutdown Protection● PGOOD Flag● Demonstrates Dynamic Adjustable Output● Switched Output Option● Demonstrates Two Phases of Operation● Proven PCB Layout and Thermal Design● Fully Assembled and Tested

Typical applications

  • •Dashboards
  • •Automotive Audio/Navigation Systems
  • •Automotive Audio/Navigation Systems