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Maxim Integrated MAX16992 | Demoboard AN5587

Selecting External Components and Compensation for Automotive Step-Up DC-DC Regulator with Preboost Reference Design


TopologyBoost Converter
Input voltage3.5-6 V
Switching frequency1000-2500 kHz
Output 18 V / 2 A


A high-voltage boost controller, such as the MAX16990 or the MAX16992, the latter of which has 2.2MHzswitching frequency capabilities, has many applications in the automotive field. Two uses are as a preboostregulator to sustain system voltage during cold-/warm-crank or as a power supply for high-brightness LEDs.In this application note, we begin by examining how to realize an automotive high-voltage step-up DC-DC powersupply with the MAX16990/MAX16992 and how to select the external components to achieve best systemperformance. Afterwards, we present a reference design for its preboost application.