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Alpha & Omega Semiconductor AOZ3101DI



TopologyBuck Converter
Input voltage4.5-18 V
Switching frequency400-600 kHz
Output 11 V
IC revision1.1


The AOZ3101DI evaluation board is a fully assembled and tested circuit board built with the AOZ3101DI buck regulator IC. It outputs an adjustable voltage up to 2A of continuous current. The evaluation board requires an input voltage from 4.5 to 18V. The output voltage is preset at 5V and can be adjusted down to 0.8V.

The AOZ3101DI-EVB circuit has features like current limit, short circuit protection, input under voltage lock out, internal soft start and thermal shut down. It operates at a fixed 500 kHz switching frequency at heavy load and with PEM (pulse energy mode) at light load. The integrated internal MOSFETs minimize component count, board area and total cost.

The AOZ3101DI-EVB demonstrates the simple buck converter design. Only one resistor value change is needed for different output voltage designs


  • 4.5V to 18V operating input voltage range
  • Synchronous Buck with internal low rdson (150mΩ/70mΩ)high-side and low-side MOSFETs
  • Internal soft start
  • PEM (pulse energy mode) enables >80% efficiency with Io=10mA (Vin=12V, Vo=5V)
  • Up to 96% efficiency with Io=500mA (Vin=12V, Vo=5V)
  • Adjacent pin short protection
  • Output voltage adjustable to 0.8V
  • 2A co
  • Pre-bias start-up
  • Extensive protection features
  • DFN3X3 and SO8 package

Typical applications

  • High performance cable modems
  • High performance LCD TV
  • Industrial- Appliance