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IC-Hersteller Torex

IC-Hersteller (84)

Torex XC9401

Off-line Controllers for LED Lighting


Eingangsspannung200-250 V
Ausgang 112 V / 0.5 A


The XC9401 series are off-line controller ICs for LED lighting. Through optimization of the external components, these ICs can be made tooperate in a range from 85VAC to 270VAC, as well as by DC input, and a diversity of specifications can be achieved by selecting componentsappropriate for the circuit configuration. Fixed off-time control is used for the basic control method, and by detecting the current that flows tothe external power MOSFET, the current that flows to the LED is monitored to provide a stable power supply for LED lighting. Three productseries differing by function type are available, the XC9401A type, XC9401B type and the XC9401C type.The circuit configuration of type A is designed for the power factor, achieving a high power factor by synchronizing the LED current to theinput current (sine wave).Type B and C holds the peak current due to switching that flows to the external power MOSFET constant, enabling the LED current to bekept constant.With the type C, dimming is possible by inputting a PWM signal into the EN/DIM pin to set the LED current within a range of 1% to 100%.


  • Operating Voltage : 85VAC ~ 270VAC DC Input
  • ISEN Voltage : 0.34V ±2.5% (Type C)
  • Fixed Off-time : 6.0μs
  • Protection Circuits : Thermal Shutdown 150oC (TYP.) VDD Over voltage protection, VDD=18V (TYP.)UVLO, VDD=6.5V (TYP.)Over current protection, VISEN=0.7V (TYP.)
  • Dimming : PWM Dimming(LED Current:1%~100%@1kHz, Type C)
  • Packages : SOT-26 (Type A, Type B)SOT-25 (Type C)
  • -Operating Ambient Temperature : -40oC ~ +85oC
  • Environmentally Friendly : EU RoHS Compliant, Pb Free

Typische Anwendungen

  • LED spot lights
  • LED bulb (GU-10, MR-16, Other)
  • LED stands
  • LED down lights
  • LED tube lights

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