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IC-Hersteller Renesas

IC-Hersteller (84)

Renesas ISL70002SRHVF

Intersil’s Radiation Hardened FPGA Power Solutions


Eingangsspannung2.2-6 V
Ausgang 10.8 V / 5 A


The 5V AC-DC adapter provides the input source through the2.1mm barrel-jack connector. Proper sequence duringpower-up is maintained by connecting the PGOOD line of theISL70002SRH to the ISL70001SRH’s EN pin, which in turn hasits PGOOD line tied to the EN pin of the ISL75051RH. Thisensures that the core voltage is up first, followed by theauxiliary and then the I/O voltage (see Figure 3).The output capacitors for each device have been chosen tominimize ESR in an effort to maintain output ripple <1% of theregulated voltage (for ISL70001SRH and ISL70002SRH) and tooptimize the stability of the systems. KEMET’s T530 series oftantalum capacitors offer ultra low ESR <15mΩ and are DLAcertified.Provisions for stability measurements are included. Byreplacing R23, R35 and R36 with 10Ω to 100Ω resistors andinjecting the AC signal across TP1/TP2 for the ISL70001SRH,TP3/TP4 for the ISL70002SRH and TP5/TP6 for theISL75051RH, AC measurements of the loop may be taken.


  • Current Sharing for the ISL70002SRH
  • Power-on ResetThe addition of a rad tolerant

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