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Infineon Technologies ICL8002G

Single Stage PFC and Flyback LED Controller Product Highlights


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The ICL8002G is designed for the offline LED lighting applications with high efficiency requirements.It provides asingle stage Flyback and buck solution with high power factor correction(PFC) and dimming functionality.Innovative primary side control techniques combined with accurate PWM generation for phase cut dimming whichenables LED lamp/luminaire with significantly reduced component count for smallest form factor and simplifieddesign.ICL8002G employs quasi-resonant operation mode optmized for leading and trailing edge phase-cut dimmersused LED lamps,tubes or down lights.Dimming performance can be improved even further by external bleederand damper circuitry. Primary side control enables high power factor >98% and low THD<10%, improving thedriver efficiency significantly upto 90%. The ICL8002G has multiple safety functions that ensure a full systemprotection.ICL8002G represents an outstanding choice for quasi-resonant Flyback and buck LED lamp designs combining ataliored feature set and performance at minimum BOM cost.


  • HV startup cell for short time to light and high driver efficiency.
  • Digital foldback correction for good line regulation capability.
  • Precise PWM for primary PFC and dimming control.
  • Support various protection modes.
  • Digital soft-start.
  • VCC over/ under-voltage protection.
  • Auto restart mode for short circuit protection
  • Cycle-by-cycle peak current limitation.

Typische Anwendungen

  • •LED replaments lamps, e.g. A-bulb, GU10, PAR, linear tubes
  • •LED luminaires, e.g downlights, spotlights

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