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EPC EPC2023 | Demoboard LMG5200POLEVM-10A

General TI High Voltage Evaluation User Safety Guidelines


TopologieGegentaktwandler (Halbbrücken)
Eingangsspannung36-75 V
Ausgang 10.5 V / 50 A


The LMG5200POLEVM-10 EVM is designed to evaluate the LMG5200 GaN power stage and the TPS53632G half-bridge point-of-load controller in a 48-V to 1-V applicationThis EVM implements the 48- V to 1-V converter as a single-stage hard-switched half-bridge with current-doubler rectifierThis topology efficiently supports a high step-down ratio while providing significant output current and fast transient responseThe TPS53632G controller uses a D-CAP+ hysteretic control architecture to achieve superior transient responseThe TPS53632G is a variant of the TPS53632 controller, modified to support the half-bridge topology used in this EVMThe LMG5200 is an 80-V, 10-A half-bridge power stage using gallium-nitride (GaN) transistorsGaN offers superior switching performance to traditional silicon MOSFETs due to its lack of reverse-recovery effect and reduced input and output capacitanceBy using a GaN module, this application achieves high efficiency while operating in a hard-switched configurationThis EVM guide describes correct operation and measurement of the EVM, as well as the EVM construction and typical performance

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