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e-Peas Semiconductors AEM10941 | Demoboard Solar LoRa demo board


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The AEM10941 is an integrated energy management circuitthat extracts DC power from up to 7-cell solar panels to si-multaneously store energy in a rechargeable element and sup-ply the system with two independent regulated voltages. TheAEM10941 allows to extend battery lifetime and ultimatelyeliminates the primary energy storage element in a large rangeof wireless applications, such as industrial monitoring, geoloca-tion, home automation, e-health monitoring and wireless sen-sor nodes.


Ultra-low power start-up:

Cold start from 380 mV input voltage and 3 μW input power (typical)

Ultra-low power boost regulator:

Open-circuit voltage sensing for MPPT every 5 sConfigurable MPPT with 2-pin programmingSelectable Voc ratios of 70, 75, 85 or 90 %Input voltage operation range from 50 mV to 5 VMPPT voltage operation range from 50 mV to 5 V

Integrated 1.2/1.8 V LDO regulator:

Up to 20 mA load currentPower gated dynamically by external controlSelectable output voltage

Integrated 1.8 V-4.1 V LDO regulator:

Up to 80 mA load current with 300 mV drop-outPower gated dynamically by external controlSelectable or adjustable output voltage

Flexible energy storage management:

Selectable overcharge and overdischarge protectionFor any type of rechargeable battery or (super)capacitorFast supercapacitor chargingWarns the load when battery is running lowWarns when output voltage regulators are available

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