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ALD EH4205

Micropower Step Up Booster Modules


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The EH4205 Micropower Step Up Low Voltage Booster Module, part of the EH4200 Series of Micropower Step Up Low Voltage Boosters, is a self-powered voltage-booster module that converts a low DC voltage input to a higher AC or DC voltage output suitable for many low-power energy harvesting applications using photodiodes, thermoelectric or electromagnetic generators as the input source. The EH4205 does not need a separate power supply to operate and it derives its power directly from the low input voltage source. The EH4200 Series draws input power levels starting at as low as 200μW, which enables an on-board self-starting oscillator.The EH4205 features nominal input impedance of 50Ω, making it suitable for many different energy generating sources. The EH4200 Series is part of a growing family of Micro-power Step Up Low Voltage Booster Modules, Energy Harvesting Modules and Energy Harvesting Integrated Circuits.The EH4205 is designed primarily for driving loads such as the ALD EH300/EH301 Series Energy Harvesting Modules. The AC outputs of the EH4205 are connected directly to the input terminals of the EH300/EH301 Series Energy Harvesting Modules with a two-wire cable. They can also be used for trickle-charge applications such as battery charger or super-cap charger, including situations where the energy input is not well controlled or regulated.For certain applications, the EH4205 can also be used without the EH300/EH301 Series Energy Harvesting Modules. The EH4205 self-starting oscillator oscillates at a natural frequency of about 9KHz,which depends on the source impedance, the source voltage, the loading at the output and the resonating components on board the EH4205. The oscillator waveform iscoupled to a transformer inside the module that provides an AC output signal that is limited in amplitude by the output loading. A typical output loading is a full wave rectifier that can handle AC inputs up to 20V and input power as limited by the output of the EH4205. For many energy-harvesting applications, the EH4205, combined with EH300 Series Energy Harvesting Modules, offers a simple and efficient solution when used with a low-voltage low-energy generating source that only delivers sporadic intermittent amounts of input power. The combined EH4205 and EH300 Series Modules can ramp from zero output power to useable levels for operating.


  • Nominal input impedance of 50Ω@VIN=0.25V
  • Small footprint and volume less than 1 cu. in.
  • Simple and easy to use - just connect a 2-wire input source
  • and 2-wire output load
  • Ready-to-Use out of the box, no circuit design required
  • Direct interface to ALD's EH300/EH301 series of Energy
  • Harvesting Modules
  • A range of models suitable for a variety of energy gener
  • ating sources
  • Self-starting at both very low operating voltage and low
  • operating current levels
  • Self-contained booster with all components on-board
  • Built-in on-board miniature transformer for high-efficiency
  • energy conversion
  • Unique custom on-board EPAD® MOSFET arrays
  • Optional user-installed full wave rectifier on board to
  • produce DC voltages
  • Compatible with a wide range of voltage sources and a
  • wide range of source impedances
  • Adaptable for use with a broad range of applications
  • No calibration or setup required
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Long operating life
  • Virtually unlimited operating cycles
  • Moisture and dust protection
  • RoHS compliant

Typische Anwendungen

  • Extreme life-span power sources
  • Direct or Indirect remote-node power supplies for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Energy Harvesting from low-voltage micro-power energy-generating sources
  • Hybrid power (dual power) systems with extended operating lives
  • EH energy capture, storage, and power management from mechanical, thermal, chemical, solar, biological,and human body sources
  • System power reliability enhancement
  • Charge EH300/EH301/EH300A/EH301A series EH Modules from low voltage sources
  • ow DC Voltage Booster to supply operating voltage for another Step-up DC-DC converter
  • Condition-based monitoring systems
  • Industrial and Business systems with always-charged temporary backup power supplies
  • Backup power for switching between different power sources
  • Low duty-cycle metering, control and sensing networks
  • Trickle-charger for Standby backup power such as battery-packs or super-capacitor networks
  • EH based battery substitution and/or remote battery charging systems
  • Hybrid or alternative power source conditioning
  • Intermittent duty cycle remote site applications
  • Micro-power Self-boosting oscillator
  • Self-powered remote control switching systems
  • Energy capture from Intermittent energy sources

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