Parts of a multilayer PCB can be seen

Basic Stackups for Cadence

Download Our Basic Standard Stackups for the Cadence Applications Orcad and Allegro Here

The Files Contain Not Only the Layer Stackup but Also the Material Data.

Layers Nominal Thickness* 17 µ Copper 35 µ Copper
4 1.00 mm BASIC4_ML4_Tg135_1,03_17 BASIC4_ML4_Tg135_1,06_35
1.55 mm BASIC4_ML4_Tg135_1,63_17 BASIC4_ML4_Tg135_1,66_35
2.00 mm BASIC4_ML4_Tg135_2,10_17 BASIC4_ML4_Tg135_2,13_35
2.40 mm BASIC4_ML4_Tg150_2,40_17 BASIC4_ML4_Tg150_2,43_35
6 1.00 mm BASIC6_ML6_Tg135_1,01_17 BASIC6_ML6_Tg135_1,08_35
1.55 mm BASIC6_ML6_Tg135_1,60_17 BASIC6_ML6_Tg135_1,67_35
2.00 mm BASIC6_ML6_Tg135_2,10_17 BASIC6_ML6_Tg135_2,10_35
2.40 mm BASIC6_ML6_Tg150_2,35_17 BASIC6_ML6_Tg150_2,42_35
8 1.00 mm BASIC8_ML8_Tg135_1,09_17 -
1.55 mm BASIC8_ML8_Tg135_1,60_17 BASIC8_ML8_Tg135_1,70_35
2.00 mm BASIC8_ML8_Tg135_2,02_17 BASIC8_ML8_Tg135_2,12_35
2.40 mm BASIC8_ML8_Tg150_2,38_17 BASIC8_ML8_Tg150_2,48_35
10 1.00 mm - -
1.55 mm BASIC10_ML10_Tg150_1,56_17 BASIC10_ML10_Tg150_1,70_35
2.00 mm BASIC10_ML10_Tg150_2,01_17 BASIC10_ML10_Tg150_2,15_35
2.40 mm BASIC10_ML10_Tg150_2,41_17 BASIC10_ML10_Tg150_2,35_35

* the actual total thickness can be taken from the filename


  • Here you can find all BASIC Cadence stackups for download as a zip-file.

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