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Development Kit Gleanergy

Order Code IC-744888


  • As sensor nodes become ubiquitous, the need to power wireless sensor nodes from ambient energy sources will be a necessity. Possible ambient energy sources include light, heat, vibration, stress / strain, high intensity AC magnetic fields and micro-sized rotational or oscillatory electromagnetic generators. In many instances a battery will be required to “ride through” the periods of time when the ambient energy source is either not present or not sufficient to power the sensor.
  • This development platform demonstrates the ability to utilize any one or multiple ambient energy sources to power a wireless sensor node and extend the life of a primary or secondary battery. A convenient system is provided to enable users to customize the development platform for their specific use case and make a complete working prototype.


  • Analog Devices DC2321A application demoboard with E-Ink display
  • Analog Devices DC2344A Multi-Source Energy Harvester with Battery Charging and Life Extenders
  • Wireless Sensor Node Development Platform

What does Gleanergy mean?

We combine the word glean (meaning to harvest) together with energy, which creates “to harvest energy”, or "Gleanergy"! You can learn how to harvest energy here.

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