Thermographic analyses for the automotive industry

Würth Elektronik ICS offers thermographic analyses for the automotive industry 

hermography measures the intensity of electromagnetic radiation emitted by any body, e.g. machines, houses, people etc. that has a temperature above absolute zero degrees on the Kelvin scale. Thermography can provide an exact image of possible thermal losses or existing hot spots. Infrared cameras with heat-sensitive sensors are used for detecting infrared radiation to determine its temperature and represent it as a color scale.

Thermography shooting under real operation conditions

Thermographic analyses are becoming increasingly important for quality assurance in the automotive industry. This is especially important during the development phase of new components or assemblies for vehicles that are constantly subject to high electrical loads, such as central electrical or power PCB’s manufactured by Würth Elektronik ICS. Thermographic analysis can be used to test load capability, identify critical areas on the circuit boards, and optimize track layout before PCB’s enter into series production. Würth Elektronik ICS offers thermographic analysis as an optional service during the development phase of new products.

We can make the thermographic tests in our laboratory, or at your site.

An overview of Würth Elektronik ICS's thermography services

  • Prototype tests    
  • Component certification  
  • Failure simulation
    • Overload (error)    
    • Undersizing (cable, conductor track, fuse etc.)    
    • Faulty assembly    
    • Short circuit  
  • On-site measurements under real conditions and the impact of external factors

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