SKEDD Contact

The SKEDD contact consists of four arms, or two pairs of arms, which always adapt to the diameter of the PCB contact sleeve. The normal contact force thus created is so high that a reliable electrical connections is formed - yet still sufficiently low that even connectors with large numbers of pins can be inserted and removed again by hand without further aids.

The SKEDD contact is mass produced using a stamping technology. Its dual-arm design is created using a high-precision bending process that positions the two individually-formed pairs of arms exactly in relation to each other.

Optimisation of electrical and mechanical characteristics

This combined stamping and bending method allows the SKEDD contact to be manufactured with different thicknesses in different areas:

  • Thinner in the crimping area.
  • Double thickness (by folding) for the contact zones of a PCB to obtain a good electrical connection.

In terms of offering high flexibility of alignment to the geometry of the other contact surface the contact forks can be adjusted while mechanically decoupled, yet in terms of optimised current distribution they remain coupled at all times.